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An agricultural consultant works as a problem solver for their clients. Clients may vary in scope, depending on their employer. If they work for a government sector, the client based is well established and often provided to them. If they work for a larger consulting organization or as an independent consultant, clients may vary from farmers, land owners and corporations, to conservation organizations.

Αgro-Know’s team is complemented by high caliber

Αgro-Know’s team is complemented by high caliber external experts such as:

crop scientists, management consultants and event facilitation professionals. For the effective development and efficient operation of the company, AtLantizAgro-Know has organized its departments and delegated its activities to departments who aim to achieve effective customer service through well established procedures; this clarified the role of each member and aims to minimize overheads and overlapping of roles and responsibilities. The organizational chart is presented below; of course minor revisions take place.