Global Marketing

Global Marketing & Promotion

The world was never flat, but due to technology and tool limitations companies always operated on flat scale. Thanks to advancements made in communication and logistics, now world is more like a global village with highly diversified identities and characteristics. The success of any company in this globalized era depends on the effectiveness of the global marketing and promotion. It is all about scale, speed, and sync. Atlantiz Group, with experience of handling hundreds of multi-national projects, is one of the most trusted global marketing and promotion partner with mission to help clients explore new markets to scale operation with speed.

You might be aware of the classical 4Ps—product, price, promotion, and place. But, when it comes to global audience, you need a very dedicated approach to customize your offerings keeping the highly diversified customer base. Now, it is all about ‘think global, act local’.

Sounds, simple but you need a team of highly experienced global marketers to achieve desired goals with best returns on investment.

What Makes Us Best in Global Marketing & Promotion

  • Birds’ Eye View Approach: Our marketing experts are well equipped with advanced analytical tools and technologies to custom product delivery according to local market need and sentiment. We say it local flavoring.
  • Sensitivity Research: There is no such as universality when it comes to consumer base. Our highly experienced and localized team delves deeper to make messaging culturally fit for better connect and recall.
  • G-local: We have highly decentralized marketing channel approach to find the best marker-fit scenario and plan positioning strategy accordingly. We partner with local players to get maximum advantage of local understanding and deliver best RoI.
  • Smooth Delivery: We pay special attention on customized delivery of product and services. We have a very strong delivery channel to make it sure that your product or services reach the desired market, uninterrupted.
  • Digital Smartness: We have a very experienced team of digital warriors equipped with the most advanced tools and techniques to improve visibility across all digital platforms. We make it sure that messaging remains universal with local flavor. We are living an era of social endorsements, so our team works hard to make your product more and more socially acceptable to push word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Managing Events: Depending on your strategy and budget, our team of event managers makes it sure that that your brand remains optimally visible across all mega events. Our market research team will suggest you about events and likely outcomes.
  • Packaging and Pricing Guide
Each market segment is unique so our marketing research team helps you design packaging for better visibility and response. To make it even better, you will get competitive price analysis for better positioning.