Architectural and Engineering Services

We believe in shaping dreams through innovation with a balance of human, technology and environmental values. For us a building is not an isolated lifeless structure, but an interactive system built with focus on material, design, and energy. Irrespective of size and budget, our highly experienced professionals are fully equipped with advance skills and resources to execute projects of all nature and types. At Atlantiz Group, we strive to deliver all types of architectural and engineering services more than the expectation. We look beyond normal and try to achieve the right balance of ecological and human aspects through value-driven innovation. Visualizing the challenges of contemporary infrastructure building, we offer umbrella services to meet your custom architectural and engineering service requirements. We pay special attention on clients’ need-evaluation and offer tailored design - drawing solutions to meet specific project requirement, with an eye on future.

You know the value of architectural designing process in the successful execution of any engineering project. Apart from the fundamentals of designing, resources calculations, time evaluation, and outcome, we take it beyond and make project execution simple for you with focus of humane angle. Our project delivery track record and clients’ satisfaction motivates us to keep on experimenting and find better value-added solutions.

Αgro-Know’s team is complemented by high caliber

It is totality of architectural and engineering services that makes Atlantiz Group unique in this space. Our state-of-art framework driven innovative approach helps us deliver the best integrated design service for our clients. We hire the best and train them to be a part of the world-class value creator team. We have highly diversified team comprising architects, project managers, master planners, structural and building engineers, and landscape and interior designers to execute projects in the defined time-frame.

We are fully equipped with resources and expertise of the full project lifecycle across to execute engineering projects of all types, like residential, commercial or public. Our multidisciplinary designing approach and integrated consultancy helps us deliver projects as desired with maximum efficacy.

We are value-driven company with focus on delivering happiness. We share everything you need to know about the process in the most transparent manner. Our integrated consultancy services make it sure that client gets all under one roof, like:

  • Architecture
  • Design Management
  • Master planning
  • Survey of Building
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Management
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Civil and Structural Engineering